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Wearable Jadau and Vilandi Jewellery - for the Everyday Woman

Updated: May 7, 2021

Jewelry has adapted much to the changing design trends and aspirations of women. The old is undoubtedly gold; the beautiful traditional designs still have an irresistible appeal, but many women lookout for customized contemporary twists in them. The key point that women lookout while choosing their accessories is re-usability and the combination of comfort and elegance.

Once considered heavy and loud, Jadau and Villandi jewelry is now the toast of the fashion gang.

These elaborate items are the first choices and are considered auspicious during special occasions like festivals and weddings. But today, the art of Jadau and Villandi jewelry also includes simple and elegant designs that are easy on the pocket and comfortable for everyday wear.

Vilandi Kundan Bangles

The biggest trend in ethnic wear is the remodeling of antique sets. For everyday use, traditional pieces can be customized to be light and stylish. This new range of elegant, lightweight, everyday wear jewelry is good for any woman right from the young working professionals to homemakers who want to get their jewelry wardrobes updated.

These pieces are also ideal for small office functions or to dress up in an elegant way matching your Kurti.

Designers always work towards balancing the design; crafting a contemporary piece while maintaining the aesthetics of traditions. Visit the collection of the duo Jetal and Preksha at Velvetcase. It is a creation of fine jewelry in a modern way, without being very heavy and bridal. You can also get your designs customized according to your budget and use.

Jadau Necklace

Mix n match style tips

● Just go for a subtle spark of the uncut diamond and add a classic touch to your appearance.

● Trinkets designed as traditional Jadau earrings remixed according to contemporary tastes, all these are holding the attention of the fashionable.

● A good option for remodeling is that the main stone or center pendant could have a traditional look, but the remaining portion of the piece can be modern and artistic.

● Jadau gives an added advantage, as you can mix and match its stones with your sarees or any other dress you are wearing.

● Changing colors of stones brings in uniqueness in terms of matching to the outfit and enhancing your mood and personality; no wonder designers are losing chances to grab the market.

Villandi or Polki diamonds go best with yellow gold in antique finish. People who look at everyday wear can have a small Polki centerpiece for a simple chain or earrings with Polki drops.

● The minimum size for buying a Polki diamond can be ideally 5 cents and above.

● Filigrees and geometric designs are also options to create a modern twist.

So, in short, women can keep their couture light yet, mesmerizing for everyday use. Infusing traditional designs is an ideal way to keep an élan.

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