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The Pearl Talk…

Updated: May 7, 2021

Pearl, in the olden days, was considered as a mark of royalty and stature. The finest natural pearls have been highly valued for centuries, and because of this, the word ‘pearl’ has become a metaphor for something rare, admirable and valuable. When it comes to classy, high-end jewellery, is still the first thing that comes to our mind is pearls.

Types of Pearls

The ideal pearl is perfectly round and smooth, but are available in many other shapes. The unevenly shaped Baroque pearl very popular these days. Other popular types of pearls are the Suth Sea pearls, Keshi pearls and Tahiti pearls. Pearls are naturally available in colours like cream, off white, white, pink, mauve and pastel shades. In addition, pearls (especially cultured freshwater pearls) can be dyed with many colours.

Trends in Pearl

Pearl jewellery is something that suits anyone and blends well with both traditional as well as modern attires. The perfect round shape of the classic pearl necklace not only complements neckline, their luster is such that it suits every type of skin. With pearls in colours such as chocolate, shell pink, dark gold, champagne and light green easily available in the market, and quite in demand, the meaning of pearl jewellery has reinvented itself.

Teaming up Pearls

How a classic pearl necklace is worn is very important. It should in any case, complement the neckline of the dress that one is wearing. Peals should always be worn in contrast so that they stand out more.

Those exceptional white pearls with uncut diamonds and different colours such as green, blue and black enamel, set on gold makes them exclusive and enchanting. For that traditional touch, pearls with coloured stones in lieu of diamonds are a way. Pearls with ruby, emerald and sapphires, set on white gold or platinum are also a rage. Pearls with kundan or polka are a hot favourite among the ladies, as the colour palette remains somewhat the same. This explains why pearls look extremely beautiful with both traditional as well as modern attires.

People are experimenting with pearls in different shapes, but mixing up takes away their charm and diminish their appeal. However, pearl strings consisting of pearls in different shades ranging from deep green to grey, is a trend.

Pearls in Different Shapes

Apart from Baroque pearls, there are also drop or rice and coin pears. A classic pearl necklace is a must-have for all ladies, but now and then your wardrobe needs a change. Coin pearls are a great alternative whenever you want to look modern, youthful as well as elegant.

Pearl drops have been a rage since decades and show no signs of fading out. These pearl drops, which are also called rice pearls or oval pearls is available in all grades, colours, size and shapes. Its size ranges from 1 mm to 11 mm. Tiny seed pearl strands, side drilled rice-shaped pearls, rice pearl strands, rice shaped loose pearl strands are some types of rice pearls. Apart from these there are button pearls, pearls in the shape of cross, disc pearls and more.

What’s Best for Brides

The buttery sheen of pearls adds to the soft bridal blush and is a perfect match for any kind of outfit, be it the heavily embellished bridal lehenga or a high-on-couture Dior gown.

Since pearl come in such natural and vital colours, it makes it even easier to team up a pearl set with any desired attire. One of the combinations that work best is to team up a Tahitian pearl beaded necklace which mainly comes in dark hues with light, pastel coloured attire. A white or pastel pearl set, do great with dark coloured, ostentatious attire.

Well it’s not just the fair sex, but even men are indulging themselves with pearls with panchlara haar, imparting on them an even more masculine, royal look.

So go ahead and make your jewellery box even more full of these priceless gems.

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